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This Hemp Flower Gin recipe contains a wide selection of eleven botanicals that make this gin a more citrusy approach.

Botanicals: juniper, coriander seed, angelica, cassia, hemp, lime, lemongrass, cardamom, basil, black tea and rosemary.

Intensity: Balanced

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Test results

On the nose: smooth on the nose without much imposition by any of the botanics. The nose of this gin is a mixture of aromas that resemble a gentle spring breeze – country, fresh, floral, citrus and herbaceous aromas;

In the mouth: as in the nose, we have a mixture of flavours, however, it is possible, with some attention, to distinguish some of our known flavours. The rosemary reveals itself as the only floral note. The prince herb, along with hemp, is always present. Basilic appears at the end of the mouth.


We produce Benefício Gin bottles taking into account the following vectors:

  • Sustainability: don’t contain plastic or paper and have the label printed on the glass;
  • Reuse and collecting: they can be reused as containers for other liquids;
  • Noble and autochthonous materials: each bottle has two cork stoppers, one of which is a replacement, which gives it another nobility and usability, while supporting the national economy.

+ Produced and bottled in Portugal
+ Clear transparent colour
+ Bottle closed with a technical cork stopper
+ Replacement cork stopper
+ Alcohol Content: 43.0% Vol
+ Capacity: 500 ml

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