C – 344 277 2 -5

An NFT Drop from Benefício


About this NFT

The use of NFTs in Benefício products is a step towards realising the ambition of our brand since its genesis, that is, that our products have a unique dimension, collectable and scarce, with the view that their potential value increases over time.

Benefício entry into this new dimension of e-commerce will take place in a creative partnership between radio broadcaster and sonic experimentation musician Tiago Castro (Acid Acid) and Nuno Gervásio, screenwriter and digital creative, concretised in a 700-second visual musical piece which takes as its starting point the expression C – 344 277 2 -5 (our Hemp Flower Gin formula code name). This piece will be divided into 100 moments, each containing 7 seconds of music, video and laser engraving of the NFT wallet address in one physical bottle.

Blockchain: NEAR Protocol
Platform: mintbase.io – NFT Factory
Type of edition: limited Edition of one hundred NFTs
Medium: Digital / Physical*
Mixed media: Music and Video
Authors: Acid Acid (Music) and Nuno Gervásio (Video)

*When you acquire the Benefício NFT you are entitled to a unique physical piece, a Hemp Flower Gin, where your NFT Wallet Address will be laser engraved. You can claim your bottle by sending us an email to edetodos@obeneficio.com with your transaction details.

Who is on this NTF production?

Benefício: O Benefício exists since 2016. We defend a limited production model, placing on the market a limited series of 100 units. Our products are the result of a manufacturing process that uses artisanal and sustainable methods. We are a talent-oriented company that operates as an engine of local economic development. Our co-creation model is a differentiating factor which we use as an engine to provide fair remuneration for those who create and produce. We want to put out in the market products that are, in fact, a benefit for everyone.

Nuno Gervásio: Nuno is creative and a screenwriter. He has specialized in digital storytelling, in the creation and realization of mobile content, both in photography and video. He is responsible for and programmer of Shortcutz Lisboa, an international movement for short films. Collaborates with MOTELX, Lisbon International Horror Film Festival and MONSTRA, Lisbon Animation Festival. He made the documentary, "111 Years and 10 Days" (2018).

Tiago Castro: He is a radio director, program coordinator at Rádio SBSR (sbsr.fm Lisboa 90.4 / Porto 91.0). He is the author of emblematic programs such as "A Floresta Encantada" or "Happy Mondays" (together with Ricardo Mariano). Since 2014 he has also signed as ACID ACID. With this creative musical vehicle, it embraces sonic experimentation, travelling through the textures of psychedelic, cosmic kraut or minimal and ambient music. It has two albums edited with a Nariz Entupido seal: "ACID ACID" from 2016 and "Jodorowsky" from 2020.