We are proud to present our latest product, Chestnut Gin DOP Marvão. This gin is the result of an innovative collaboration with local companies in Marvão, reinforcing our commitment to the community and the environment.


A unique choice

At Benefício Gin we firmly believe in sustainability as a guide in every choice we make. One of our most distinctive and sustainable options is the chestnut, which plays a key role in creating our exceptional quality product.

A sustainable choice

A castanha utilizada neste gin é proveniente de castanheiros centenários na região de Marvão, refletindo o nosso compromisso em destacar e preservar as riquezas naturais locais. Essa escolha não só contribui para a qualidade única do nosso gin como tem um impacto positivo nos produtores locais e na vitalidade económica da região.

A smart choice

The distillation of this gin represents a unique creative and sensory challenge. We seek to create an experience that captures not only the distinctive flavour of the chestnut but also the atmosphere and aromas of the region, transporting those who try it to the forests and chestnut fields of Marvão.


This gin is macerated inside the copper still, where it is subsequently distilled, and is produced using the London Dry method, meaning it is the product of a unique distillation.

Benefit Chestnut Gin transmits the aromas and smells of winter, transporting us to warm and comfortable places. In the summer, we drink Chestnut Gin at the end of the day next to the castle and smile as we watch the sunset. Marvão is a village that offers us the most varied sensory journeys and this gin is the perfect companion.

Chestnut Gin Tonic

Prefered serve


Fresh rosemary
Beneficio Gin Chestnut (1X = 5cl)
Tonic (4X)

How to prepare

Place the moistened glass on the smoke released and add ice in the middle of the glass, then place a small sprig of fresh rosemary in the glass. Pour a measure of Chestnut Gin (5 cl) and stir it lightly to intensify the flavours. Add four measures of tonic water (5 cl x 4), stir again to mix. Savor the moment!



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